Startup Mondays, Developments This Week, and Exciting News

The first new round of Startup Monday meetups was last week at the new BootHK. We had a great turnout, with some new faces and several of our resident startups in attendance. This will be an ongoing meetup for anyone actively in a startup or about to found a startup, every Monday at 7:30 at the BootHK HQ.

Additionally, we now have a fridge and water filter to keep the espresso maker company. The espresso maker was a kind housewarming present from Jochen Kleef. Michelle Lam also kindly brought over a spare vacuum cleaner to help us keep the place tidy.

There has been a steady stream of people coming and going here. We’ve got our resident group of three (soon to be four) entrepreneurs William Li, Daniel Fung, and Andrei Lissovski. William Liang and Jimmy Wong have been by frequently. I’m there whenever I can, and Sarah Tong comes over mostly on the weekend.

Tuesday, we are slated to have the wired broadband installed, which will give us the bandwidth to have more people working here.

The big announcement will be a meetup this Wednesday at 8pm. More info will be posted later, but it is a Facebook Game development contest with a total of HKD $500,000 in prize money going to to the top 11 developers for MaBelle, the diamond jewelry company here in HK.

Also in the works are more events and meetups. Chime in if you have any ideas for something you want to host here, or that we need to have.

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