Startup Bootcamp Begins

Startup Bootcamp at Boot.HK has begun! We just completed the first two weeks of the new program.

There’s a great mix of entrepreneurs (to be introduced later on) participating. Everyone has been quite active both in the program and in other events, such as the recent Barcamp. For me, I was also happy to see that we had interest from startups both inside and outside of Hong Kong. One of the current startups in the program relocated from Silicon Valley for two reasons I liked to hear: the program itself and they believe in Hong Kong as a location to validate their business.

These first two weeks the program focused on a few basic concepts including introducing the Customer Development Model, Customer Observation techniques and Getting Out of the Building to learn from users. The program works better if it’s fluid, so we’ll continue to focus more or less on different content depending on what’s needed most.

We were also fortunate to have our first five mentors visit. The first visits were from Po Chi Wu (evaluating businesses as an investor, the entrepreneurial process), Bernard Suen (the entrepreneurial process, resources for entrepreneurs), Michael Michelini (social media), Steve Forte (validating business ideas, presenting your startup) and William Liang (testing ideas, benefits of HK). Thanks to all of our mentors! And looking forward to the ones who will visit in the coming weeks.

There’s also been some demand for shorter versions of Startup Bootcamp, to be called “Bootcamp-Lite.” Bootcamp-Lite is an exploration of courses for people who want to learn specific skills applicable to running a startup (mostly focused on analytical skills). The course times will be evenings or weekends. Stay tuned to learn more.

Please contact me if you’d like to talk about the program, your own startup or other ideas. You can reach me at paul.orlando [at] or

Thanks again.


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