Nokia Tech Meetup Feb 16th – Come see the Lumia and Hang Out

Nokia is throwing a impromptu meetup at Boot from 8pm-10pm on Feb 16th. If you are looking for someplace to talk tech with folks and would be interested to see what the latest phone is from Finland, come on out.

From the sponsor: Nokia is the global headline sponsor of Social Media Week and we’re active around the world at the various cities to meet with people on the ground. With this event, we want to bring together like-minded people who are interested in tech and the latest gadgets. And for those who are interested, we’ll be happy to demo the new Nokia Lumia 800 and get your thoughts on it. Pizza and beer for everyone, and two people will win a Nokia Lumia to take home.

Space is limited to around 40, so please RSVP here with your Twitter name, or just your name.


  1. Hi, please add me to the RSVP: Tommy Fan



  2. Hi,

    Please add me to your list: Antoni Watts

    Kind regards

  3. Go on then, sounds like my sort of thing…


  4. Yes Jon, this I need to see.

  5. Will there be a presentation or just socializing?

  6. Hi, please add me to the RSVP:

  7. Kannan Chandrasegaran

    Hey Jon, count me in (:

  8. I’ll be joining. Please count me one. Thanks.

  9. I will join in as well! :)

  10. count me in too.

  11. Please count me in (if I’m not too late)

  12. @doshpromt will be attending!

  13. @CharlieBenSaid and @jay_michelle to attend!

  14. KaKi Will be attending

  15. Me 2. Jon, you are awesome!

  16. haven’t been to boot before, so would like to come along and take a look.

  17. Sounds interesting, count me in.

  18. Could be nice… count me in…

  19. Could use another phone…

  20. @Angel_Nights & @Tim_rogers & @BT_Wiltz Please !!!

  21. Whoops wrong country

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