Location Hunt Results – Day 3

We’ve gone through 13 different locations in Sheung Wan to find these two locations. Unfortunately, I only have pics of one and have both video and pics of the other.

At the end of the hunt, two locations are suitable for our use and are within a reasonable budget.

Both have:

  • Separate bathrooms outside of the office for both men and women.
  • Separate AC units in all rooms, so could be used only where needed.
  • Two separate smaller rooms that can be used for dedicated co-work or meeting room space (private meeting room rental could be an alternate income source).
  • Good windows in all rooms.

The first one is located about 3-4 minutes from the MTR exit A1, over close to The Center.


Good things about this location:

  • Front door has both electric lock and sliding down security door which will be easy to refit with RFID, etc.
  • Small kitchen/pantry area in a central location.
  • Better natural light (on a high floor level, so fairly open to sunlight).
  • More finished and in better immediate condition.
  • Newer building.

Differences about this location:

  • This is more the typical office feel.
  • Somewhat more difficult to modify details like wiring.
  • Less open layout, but offers more privacy potentially.

The second is located about 1 minute from the same MTR exit.


Good things about this location:

  • Patio (approximately 400 sq ft)
  • All glass partitions, so feels more open.
  • No dropped ceiling, so again a little more open feel.
  • Closer to MTR, easier to find.

Differences about this location:

  • Not as new building.
  • Space needs a little work (paint, caulk, cleaning) and some moving the conduit for the wiring.
  • Smaller usable space inside, but still similar.
  • No pantry area or sink inside the space.
  • Slightly more expensive ($2k more/month).

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