Last Startup Monday at BootHK

It was a full house for the last Startup Monday at BootHK in Wanchai. Amidst the cans of Carlsberg, Jason Li led a lively discussion on “Is it a Side Project or is it a Startup?” using a series of either-or questions while illustrating the responses.It’s impossible to capture the energy in the room, but here are Jason’s discussion points (also seen in the very cool image above). Each one of these relates to his main side-project or startup question:
  • Is it full-time vs full-focus,
  • Does it scale vs project longevity,
  • Is it profitable vs break-even,
  • Requires funding to grow vs bootstrapped,
  • Revolutionizing idea vs changing,
  • Internet startup vs bricks and mortar,
  • Is it personal interest (or obsession) vs a clever ploy,
  • Do it for yourself vs do it for others,
  • Can it fail vs a small win is a win…

If you missed the event, ask yourself these questions once in a while as you’re working away.

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