HackJam Mintyboost Aid for Japan

Last night Hong Kong hackers descended on BootHK wielding soldering irons and cutting tools during the weekly BotJam meetup. They had plans (and parts) for putting together 20 Mintyboost AA powered USB chargers to send to the Tokyo Hackerspace for the earthquake victims who have spotty or no power still. Over a dozen people learned how to solder and basic ... Read More »

BootUp 2: Writup Roundup

via BootUP 2 was a major success! I think everyone is looking forward to seeing what comes out of the startups that were kicked off this weekend. With two companies kicking along from the first one, it will be interesting to see how many of the six continue. Currently it looks like at least and will be ... Read More »

BootUP! 2 – More of Everything (Feb 25-27)

The first BootUP! was a huge success, and we are happy to announce that we are running another one with space up to 70 (!) people. M-Lab ( has kindly offered to provide space for us to run the event. Edit: The event will be held at BootHK, we had a solid turnout of applications with just enough to fill up our ... Read More »