Welcome to the new BootHK!

BootHK is Hong Kong’s home for: Coworkers Startups Makers We want to ignite Hong Kong’s entrepreneurial community by giving people a social place they can work and meet up. The long term vision is to create a network of spaces throughout the country that provide different environments such as hackerspaces, workshops, and social meetups for artists, entrepreneurs, and technologists. Our ... Read More »

Mentors From Three Continents

Another great set of mentor visits recently, from Jochen Kleef and Tytus Michalski, both of whom also listened to Bootcamp member pitches and gave feedback. Jochen gave a wide-ranging talk covering: There’s a difference in what you can do in Hong Kong, where the environment is relatively open and changing quickly, and in other places like Silicon Valley, where there is more competition ... Read More »

Last Startup Monday at BootHK

It was a full house for the last Startup Monday at BootHK in Wanchai. Amidst the cans of Carlsberg, Jason Li led a lively discussion on “Is it a Side Project or is it a Startup?” using a series of either-or questions while illustrating the responses.It’s impossible to capture the energy in the room, but here are Jason’s discussion points (also seen ... Read More »

Bootcamp Mentors On How To Evaluate Business Opportunities

Startup Bootcamp has a great mix of mentors and we’ve already had a great series of visits. Over the last two weeks we had a couple more: Dominic Chan, from Dark Horse Investment and a repeat visit from Steve Forte, this time with three people from his development team. Dominic spoke about angel investing and how to talk to investors. A few interesting points ... Read More »

Introducing "Bootcamp-Lite" Classes

Testing new ideas is part of what Startup Bootcamp participants need to do. In fact, Startup Bootcamp itself was a test with a very real metric of validation before the program began, namely who would sign up. So recently I released a new test. After speaking to several people who couldn’t commit to the 3-month bootcamp I propose a few short ... Read More »