BootUP! – Day 1 (WOW!)

Tonight there are five amazing teams of entrepreneurs working on five great ideas here in the BootHK HQ. Each team has a good balance of development and business, and they are all gearing towards having some prototype and business plan ready in the next 48 hours.

We started out the night with a group brainstorm, winding up with around 30 up on one of the five massive whiteboards in the HQ.

It was a full house tonight, with close to twenty participants, some drop-ins, Casey Lau and Jon Buford heading up the night’s festivities.

After everyone selected their favorite ideas, we went around the room, taking their top three votes and then started with the concepts that had at least three votes to form each team. This wound up with distributing the resources quite well, and with teams of 3-4 each. Following that, we broke for 30 minutes to let the teams discuss their concept, come up with a name and a tag line.

That brought us up to around 10pm, at this point, all the crews are cruising along, discussing their ideas, and the house is buzzing.

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