Startup Boot.Camp

Startup Boot.Camp is our first intensive program leading up to our AcceleratorWe believe startup success starts by building a good business.

  • You need time to test, validate and iterate
  • You can learn faster and stay focused with guidance from people who have done this before
  • It is better to do something and learn actively than to simply listen to speeches, see demos, or read blogs.

The Hong Kong tech entrepreneurial community is small but tightly connected and we think ready to grow. We’re starting with Startup Boot.Camp. Apply and be a part of growing Hong Kong’s tech community.


At a minimum you will walk away with these things:

  • Your concept, service or product tested with potential customers
  • A methodical way of thinking and set of analytic tools to build your business
  • A pitch deck and the practiced ability to present your company to customers and investors, culminated in a Demo Day.

Major areas for you to demonstrate progress in during the program are:

What problem are you solving? Who are your customers? What do you need to build? What is the best way to reach your customers and grow? How can you quickly learn what you need to know to build your business? What data should you track to learn? What design attributes make a difference? What do your customers really think?

These questions seem simple but are typically quite difficult to answer.

Even if you’ve been an entrepreneur for a while, the program will probably challenge the way you think about building a company and how you operate.

Interested? Find out more or Apply Now.


  1. #Billionaire in the making

    You guys have the best opportunity in the world. Chinese is eclipsing English as the main language on the internet. You have thousands of ideas from Silicone valley you could use as inspiration and apply to Asia.
    If you are still not a millionaire within 5 years – you are a loser :)

  2. Entrepreneur in HK

    What’s the track record of the people running this program? Has anyone started a profitable business and/ or exited profitably? Provide more details of your track record so we know we are being guided by the right people.

  3. This is great for Hong Kong. Thanks for doing this. I think I will apply.

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