All hands on deck! Meetups for Wednesday July 14th

Some exciting news, is up and running. I’ve just got it pointed to the Posterous blog for now, but we can set up some quick pages before we sort out what information and site features are needed. Also, I’ve created a Twitter account @boothkorg for updates.

Wednesday will have not one but two BootHK meetups. 

@1pm we will go and visit the location that was selected by almost everyone.
It is the one with the patio area.
I’ll go to Barista Jam around 12:30 before hand, and then meet up with the agent at the building indicated on the map. See here for the locations:

The building is on Hillier St. at Wing Lok St., just across from the MTR exit there. Barista Jam is over near the big wet market building.

@9pm we will have a general meeting to discuss what is next. Please try to make it to this meeting at all possible. If you can’t, please let me know if there are any questions you have.

We will meet up at the Fringe Club rooftop, probably inside unless it is nice weather that night.

Topics to be covered:

  1. Current status of first location, viability, and how to move ahead.
  2. Setting up organization.
  3. Naming and logo, including Chinese name.
  4. Membership levels, etc.
  5. Other questions.
  6. Divide up work to be done and come up with next steps.
  7. Discuss potential first events (hackathon, startup weekend, etc.). It would be cool to have a solid list to present at Startup Saturday.

I’ll put together a revised budget and a quick proposal for how we can move ahead with the current level of commitments.

If you haven’t filled it out, please let us know what your current level of interest is for being involved with BootHK here:

Thanks everyone for pulling together, it looks like this will work out, and it will be a great foundation for doing a lot more.



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